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Emerging as one of the favorable destinations for international students, explore everything about the futuristic city of Dubai, including the cost of education, top universities, best courses, visa process, application requirements, and job opportunities.

Study In Dubai

Home to over 60+ globally recognized international university campuses and colleges, Dubai offers world-class learning facilities and higher education opportunities to international students.

A pioneer in innovation, Dubai is a lucrative study-abroad destination with a booming economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Higher education in Dubai not only gives international students access to the best quality education but also gives them an opportunity to be a part of a multicultural community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionary game changers.

Universities and colleges in Dubai offer a wide range of study programs, allowing students to find the best course as per their academic interests. Degrees earned from Dubai universities and colleges are recognized internationally and open doors to global career opportunities.

Quick Facts To Study In The Dubai

Global tourism and entertainment hub

Safest destination for international students

Educational institutions affiliated with top international universities in Australia and The UK

Offer affordable education

It has top-notch campuses offering excellent learning environments

Why Choose Dubai For Higher Education?

1Fastest Growing Economy:
Dubai is one of the most attractive economic hubs in the Gulf region and has one of the strongest and fastest-growing economies in the world. The international city is a land of growth and development, offering high employment options to international students.
2Employment Opportunities:
International students don’t have to struggle to find a high-paying job in Dubai after completing their graduate studies. Employment opportunities are boundless in Dubai, where students can get into powerful companies such as BBC, Sky News, AP, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.
3Quality Education:
Dubai’s well-established education system is recognized globally for providing advanced facilities and the best education to students. The city is home to the world’s highly-ranked institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates.
4International Universities:
Due to rapid modernization in the UAE, numerous international universities have made their presence in the UAE. Many world-ranking universities like the University of Birmingham, the University of Wollongong, Canada University Dubai, etc., have set up their education campuses in Dubai.
5Multi-Cultural Society:
There are 200+ nationalities in Dubai, allowing students to meet with people with different perspectives, styles, ideologies, and accents. The most common languages in Dubai are English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and Hindi. The multicultural environment allows students to thrive and discover a new perspective on the world.
6Safe Country:
Dubai is a safe and stable study-abroad destination for international students. The crime rates in Dubai are comparatively low, ensuring students feel safe and secure while studying and living in the city.

Top Courses To Study In Dubai

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Medicine
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Data Science
  • Design
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Project Management
  • Computer Science

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    More About Education In Dubai

    Semester Intakes Month
    Fall September
    Spring January

    The tuition fee in Dubai depends upon the course and university selected by the student. Tabulated below is the average tuition fee in Dubai universities for international students:

    Degree Type Average Annual Tuition Fee (AED)
    Undergraduate program AED 37,500 - AED 70,000
    Postgraduate master's degree AED 55,000 - AED 75,000
    Doctoral degree AED 1,29,000 - AED 3,60,000
    MBA AED 1,60,000 - AED 4,00,000
    MBBS AED 1,17,000 - AED 1,23,000

    Here is the average cost of living in Dubai for international students:

    Particular Average Cost Per Year (AED)
    Accommodation AED 1100 - AED 2250
    Food AED 908
    Travel AED 2 - AED 10
    Utilities AED 500 - AED 800

    Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For International Students:

    International students can work part time in Dubai while studying. However, international students needs to get clearance from the University or College to do the part-time job.

    Moreover, international students are allowed to work for 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month during semester. During summer vacation, they can work for 40 hours per week or 160 hours per month.

    Let’s discover popular part-time jobs for international students in Dubai.

    Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In Dubai For International Students
    Part-Time Jobs Average Salary Per Hour (AED)
    Tutor AED 2.5K to AED 3.5K
    Cab Driver AED 4K to AED 6K
    Cashier AED 1.5K to AED 2K
    Waitress or Waiter AED 1.5K to AED 2.5K
    Packaging AED 1K to AED 2.5K
    Housekeep AED 2K to AED 4K
    Translator AED 3.5K to AED 4.5K

    Post-Study Job Prospects For International Students In Dubai:

    Dubai offers various job opportunities and post study work visa options for international students.

    Listed below are the popular jobs in Dubai:

    Jobs Average Annual Salary
    Graphic Designer AED 1,48,000
    Biomedical Engineer AED 1,94,000
    Accounting Manager AED 3,54,000
    Aerospace Engineer AED 3,14,000
    IT Manager AED 4,06,000
    Business Analyst AED 2,95,000
    Project Manager AED 3,16,000
    Financial Analyst AED 3,07,000
    HR Manager AED 3,72,000
    Civil Engineer AED 2,12,000

    Dubai Student Visa Requirements

    Dubai Student Visa Documents Requirements:

    • Dubai Study visa
    • University acceptance letter/admission letter
    • Sufficient financial funds and bank balance to manage the studies in Dubai
    • Accommodation proof to stay in Dubai
    • Enrollment fee/tuition fee payment receipt for the academic year
    • Medical fitness certificate and travel insurance details
    • All the required academic transcripts of the previous year's academics.

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