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Learn everything an international student needs to know about studying in Denmark, including the highly reputed education system, amazing social security system, cost of education, career opportunities, visa requirements, and student-friendly cities of Denmark.

Study In Denmark

Renowned as the happiest country in the world, Denmark is an incredible destination for international students looking to study abroad. The country offers exceptional quality education with a positive and lively campus atmosphere to international students.

The low cost of education, English-taught programs, innovative teaching methods, and well-developed welfare systems are some of the other factors that make higher education in Denmark for Indian students worth it.

The country offers numerous travel opportunities to experience neighboring countries, its vast wildlife, diverse geography, unique foods, lively events, and festivals.

Quick Facts To Study In Denmark

Offers highly valuable international degrees

Fees range from 6 lakhs to 11 lakhs

The highest minimum wage is up to 20 euros/per hour

English speaking country

Apply with spouse and kids

Why Choose Denmark For Higher Education?

1Top-Ranked Universities
Denmark is home to highly-ranked and reputed universities, offering exceptional quality education to international students. The degree provided by Danish universities is internationally recognized and is highly valuable for meeting future career aspirations.
2Numerous Grants and Scholarships
Along with studying at top universities in Denmark, students can access multiple scholarships and grant opportunities. Several government scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs are offered to deserving students to aid their education in Denmark.
3Safe and Happiest Destination
Voted as the world’s happiest country, Denmark is one of the safest and happiest destinations with top-notch healthcare facilities, a social support system, higher life expectancy rates, and the lowest crimes in the world.
4Reasonable Living Costs
Denmark offers a high standard of living at a very reasonable cost. When it comes to housing rentals, the cost of living is highly affordable. In smaller cities, living costs range from 700-900 Euros monthly, while in bigger cities, it may range around 1200 Euros per month.
5Spouse & Kids Visa
Denmark allows students to bring their spouses and kids on study visas. Moreover, spouses have full-time work rights, allowing students to focus on their studies while their partners manage expenses.
6 Exceptional Career Opportunities
Denmark provides exceptional career opportunities to international students, with premium education and work/internship opportunities while studying. After completion of education, international students get a job search visa for 6 months, during which they can find a suitable job to begin their career.

Top Courses To Study In Denmark

  • Environmental Science

  • Life Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Business administration

  • Engineering

  • Agriculture and environment

  • Architecture

  • Design and Visual Arts

    Top Universities To Study In Denmark

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      Intakes Application Deadline
      Summer Intake January Mid-March
      Winter Intake July - September

      The tuition fee in Denmark depends upon the course and university selected by the student. Tabulated below is the average tuition fee in Denmark universities for international students:

      Degree Type Average Annual Tuition Fee
      Bachelors 15,000 EUR
      Masters 6,513 - 8,500 EUR

      Here is the average cost of living in Denmark for international students:

      Particular Average Cost Per Month
      Accommodation 400 - 670 EUR
      Food 200 - 270 EUR
      Transport 40 - 50 EUR
      Books & Study Material 30 - 65 EUR
      Social Activities 120 - 175 EUR
      Mobile & Internet 20-30 EUR
      Miscellaneous 200 EUR

      Part-Time Jobs In Denmark For International Students:

      International students with resident permits in Denmark are allowed to work part-time jobs in Denmark.

      Between September and May, international students have the permission to work up to 20 hours per week whereas during the months of June, July, and August students have the permission to work 37 hours per week.

      Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In Denmark For International Students
      Part-Time Jobs Options Average Salary Per Hour
      Assistant DKK 148
      Waiter/Waitress DKK 122
      Newspaper Delivery DKK 104
      Housekeeping DKK 130
      Bartender DKK 129
      Sales Assistant DKK 145

      Post-Study Job Prospects For International Students In Denmark:

      Denmark offers various job opportunities and post study work visa options for international students.

      Listed below are the popular jobs in Denmark:

      Jobs Average Annual Salary
      Management DKK 56,000
      Computer Science DKK 43,000
      Design DKK 36,000
      Mechanical Engineering DKK 42,000
      Statistics/ Data Science 25,000 EUR - 45,000 EUR
      Business Developer DKK 45,000

      Denmark Student Visa Application Process

      Denmark Student Visa Requirements

      A student visa is known as a Resident Permit in Denmark. A residence permit is required for international students to study in Denmark.

      Denmark Resident Permit Requirements:

      • Formal letter of acceptance by a Danish university
      • Detailed explanation of the academic program
      • Valid passport and passport-style photos
      • Completed ST1 form
      • Proof of English or Danish proficiency ( depends on the language of your course)
      • Proof of sufficient funds to live in Denmark
      • Details of Accommodation
      • Receipt of application fee payment
      • Proof of travel insurance

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