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Study In France

Home to 3500+ educational institutions, accredited research laboratories, a hub for innovation, and tech start-ups, France is the world’s fourth most popular study destination for international students.

French universities and colleges offer a wide variety of study programs in diverse fields, allowing international students to find the perfect match for their academic interests.

International students considering pursuing higher education in France get to take advantage of outstanding research opportunities, quality education at low tuition fees, multicultural study experience, exceptional learning opportunities and infrastructure, etc.

Let's explore the top reasons to choose France for higher education.

Quick Facts To Study In France

32 French universities have made a place in the QS World University Rankings 2023

64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals

Post Study Work Visa up to 2 Years

The French Foreign Ministry directly finances 25% of total scholarships offered to international students.

Paris is among the top 10 student cities globally

Why Choose France For Higher Education?

1World-Class Education System
The higher education system of France is renowned globally for its high standards of education. French universities and colleges' excellence in higher education and research is internationally recognized across the world.
2Affordable Education
Tuition fees at French universities are lower compared to other popular study-abroad destinations such as the USA and the UK. Also, the cost of living is relatively affordable for international students.
As per Campus France, there are over 500 French government scholarships awarded by the French embassy in India and French companies every year to eligible Indian students seeking education in France.
4Part-Time Work Options
International students with valid student visas are allowed to work up to 964 hours per year while studying in France. Moreover, many programs also offer internship opportunities to students to gain work experience.
5Job Prospects
France's educational qualifications are recognized across the world, allowing students to build their careers globally. Also, students are offered multiple job opportunities at global brands in France.
6Research Opportunities
Home to prestigious universities, France offers outstanding research and development opportunities. The French government invests significantly in research facilities at the higher education level for quality research.

Top Courses To Study In France

  • Fashion designing

  • Medicine

  • Computer Science

  • Data science

  • Engineering

  • Film Studies

  • Finance

  • MBA

  • Hotel Management

  • Business

  • Information Technology

  • Luxury brand Management

  • Biotechnology

  • Culinary

  • Energy Management

  • Marine Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Top Universities To Study In France

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      The average tuition fee in French universities can vary based on the course and university selected by the international student. Below is the breakdown of the average annual tuition costs for international students in France:

      Type Of Course Average Tuition Fee
      License 2,770 EUR/year
      Masters 3,770 EUR/year
      Doctorate 380 EUR/year

      Tabulated below is the list of minimum monthly living expense costs in France for international students:

      Particular Average Cost Per Month (approx.)
      Accommodation 700 EUR
      Food 300 EUR
      Transport 50 EUR
      Entertainment 200 EUR
      Miscellaneous 100 EUR

      Part-Time Jobs In France For International Students:

      International students possessing a residence permit and enrolled in a program of study with a duration of 1 year or more are permitted to work up to 964 hours a year.

      Let’s discover popular part-time jobs for international students in France.

      Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In France For International Students
      Part-Time Jobs Average Salary Per Hour
      Teaching Assistant EUR 21
      Private Tutor EUR 20 - 27
      Bartender/ Waiter EUR 10
      Uber Driver EUR 20
      Babysitter EUR 11
      Barista EUR 10
      Dog Walker EUR 8
      Translator EUR 21 - 27
      Salesman EUR 15
      Museum Jobs EUR 8 - 10
      Cashier EUR 10
      Research assistant EUR 15

      Post-Study Job Prospects For International Students In France:

      To apply for jobs after graduation in France, it is mandatory for international students to have a post-study work permit. With a France work permit, students are allowed to stay in France for up to 3 years after the validity of their student visa is over.

      Jobs Average Annual Salary
      Product Designer 30,000 EUR - 60,000 EUR
      Junior Merchandise 25,000 EUR - 40,000 EUR
      Assistant Lawyer 40,000 EUR - 55,000 EUR
      Video Editor 30,000 EUR - 50,000 EUR
      Motion Designer 25,000 EUR - 45,000 EUR
      Business Developer 30,000 EUR - 70,000 EUR
      Engineer 45,000 EUR - 80,000 EUR
      Chemist 39,000 EUR - 57,000 EUR
      Research Scientist 50,000 EUR - 75,000 EUR

      France Student Visa Process

      France Study Visa Requirements

      • Passport size photographs
      • A valid passport
      • An acceptance letter
      • An EEF Admission Certificate (Accord préalable d'Inscription)
      • An EEF number (ZA21-XXXXX-PXX)
      • Temporary accommodation proof in France
      • Proof of sufficient funds (the equivalent of €615 per month for the duration of your stay in France)
      • Proof of health insurance with valid coverage in France
      • A completed visa application form
      • Paid visa application fee receipt
      • Proof of civil status (if applicable)

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