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Read about how to study in Germany, benefits, popular courses, universities, visa requirements, application process, and everything you need to know about studying in Germany.

Study In Germany

Germany is a highly popular study abroad destination among international students. This is mainly because of the country’s high-quality education system, excellent universities, dynamic student life, and good funding opportunities.

There are numerous universities in Germany that offer free or low-tuition fee study programs to international students. With exceptional education and affordable tuition fees, Germany attracts students from all over the world.

Moreover, studying in Germany opens doors to incredible work prospects and opportunities to learn new languages, socialize, explore new cultures, and more.

Quick Facts To Study In Germany

The country is widely known for its manufacturing sector & machinery

Part-time jobs available with a minimum wage of 8-10 Euro

Germany has the largest economy in the European Union

Provide easy access to the Schengen zone

German universities offer a variety of courses

Multicultural society

Why Choose Germany For Higher Education?

1Lower Tuition Fees
Higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the German government which is why their public and private universities charge zero or low tuition fees for all the students irrespective of their origin.
2Work Opportunities
Germany has a well-developed economy, and there are plenty of part-time and full-time job opportunities for international students in Germany. Students can easily find jobs while studying and after graduation.
3Internationally Recognized Degrees
Degrees offered by German universities are highly valued in various other countries. A globally valued degree from Germany promises international students high employability and a boost for international careers.
4Top Ranked Universities:
Germany has some of the most prestigious and best universities in the world. Some of the German universities are highly ranked as per the QS world ranking due to the world-class quality education they provide.
5Affordable Living
Living expenses in Germany are quite reasonable and affordable for international students when compared to other popular study-abroad destinations. Students can also do part-time jobs to manage their expenses.
6Countless Degree Courses
German universities offer countless degree programs designed to suit every student's interests. No matter what the student's interests are, they can easily find a suitable course from a variety of course options offered.

Top Courses To Study In Germany

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Business Management
  • Natural Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Maths & Computer Science
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • Humanities

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    Intakes Duration
    Fall Intake September to November
    Spring Intake January to February
    Summer Intake May to June

    Below is the breakdown of the average annual tuition costs for international students in Germany:

    Type Of Course Average Tuition Fee / Semester
    Bachelors 8,000 to 13,000 euro
    Masters 10,000 to 17,000 euro
    PhD 800 - 900 EUR

    Tabulated below is the list of monthly living cost in Germany for international students:

    Particular Average Cost Per Month (approx.)
    Rent 200 - 1100 EUR
    Food, restaurant charges, etc. 50 - 150 EUR
    Transportation 30 - 90 EUR
    Shopping 50 EUR and more
    Medical Expenses 70 EUR and more

    Part-Time Jobs In Germany For International Students:

    International students need to get a work permit from the “Agentur für Arbeit” (Federal Employment Agency) and Foreigners’ Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) to get a permit to work part-time in Germany.

    Moreover, students can only work part-time for 20 hours a week during their term and full-time during their vacation.

    Let’s discover popular part-time jobs for international students in Germany.

    Best Paying Part-Time Jobs In Germany For International Students
    Part-Time Jobs Average Salary Per Hour
    Student assistant €12 to €17 Per Hour
    Courier €12 to €14 Per Hour
    Tutor €12 to €15 Per Hour
    Waiting Tables €7 to €10 Per Hour
    Office Assistant €12 Per Hour
    Industrial Production Assistant €12 Per Hour
    Assistant to Shopping €9 to €10 Per Hour
    Babysitting €10 to €15 Per Hour
    Call Center Operator €15 Per Hour
    Field Interviewer €18 to €20 Per Hour

    Post-Study Job Prospects For International Students In Germany:

    International students who want to work in Germany after completing their studies have to apply for a residence permit. By applying for a residence permit, students are allowed to extend their stay for 18 months and look for a job in Germany after graduation.

    Jobs Average Annual Salary
    Healthcare Professionals €80,000
    Engineers €46,000
    Data Scientists and IT professionals €60,390
    Finance €61,000
    Research Experts €56,000
    Tutors €40,000

    Germany Student Visa Application Process

    Germany Student Visa Requirements

    • Completed and signed visa application form
    • A valid passport
    • Proof of civil status
    • Two photographs
    • Copies of previous visas (if any)
    • Proof of accommodation
    • Proof of covered student health insurance
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Proof of financial resources
    • Acceptance letter from the university
    • Certificates of earlier education
    • Cover Letter
    • Proof of language skills
    • APS certificate

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